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“Humanity comes before Ethnicity”

Obang Metho

I am inspired by thousands of Ethiopian whom I have met— by their courage, their competent, their determination, their love, their care— by you name it!

I have met with so many remarkable Ethiopians from many different ethnic groups and faiths that I’m overwhelmed with the beauty and variety of our fellow-Ethiopians. All of them have touched me and taught me so much more about our shared humanity.

These friendships have broken down many of the negative stereotypes that have been promoted and exaggerated in the past. With God’s help, we can find healing, reconciliation, restoration and to build up a“New Ethiopia,” where “Humanity comes before Ethnicity and No one Ethiopian is free until we are free. A country grounded on valuing and protecting the rights of all Ethiopian not one ethnic group or Kilil.”

We have no choice but to move forward to unite our beloved people and free our beautiful country. The future of Ethiopia is in our hands.

Our job should not be only for ourselves; but also for the millions of suffering people stuck in this ethnic apartheid, harsh and cruel system of the TPLF. And if we do it well, those generations who come after us will have a better life.

Be part of the change we are looking for.”It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set bush fires in people’s minds” – by Samuel Adams.

Keep hope alive and never give up at this most difficult time of our history.

Obang Metho’s opinion on the ethnic apartheid regime

Source: Mr. Obang Metho’s facebook page

Dear Zeray Hailemariam

I don’t only believe, I KNOW for sure TPLF is ethnic hatred and ethnic apartheid regime. Anyone who says that


Tigrayans, not all, but many, have not benefited under Meles and his TPLF, are lying to themselves.

We all know that the key positions in the TPLF/EPRDF regime, in the military, in the economy, in the judicial system, on the national election board, in banking and finance, in education and in any other sector of society are mostly held by Tigrayans who are loyal to the TPLF. For the most part, those from other ethnic groups are given certain positions by the TPLF only to fool the outsiders so they can look better.

We also know that there has been more development, services and opportunity of every kind in the Tigrayan region and available to persons of Tigrayan ethnicity than in any other region or to any other group of Ethiopians. There is no debate about this being true.

Even when I was attempting to start the Gambella Development Agency in 2002, the TPLF/EPRDF regime officials at the Minster of Justice office tried hard to convince me to go to the Tigray region instead of Gambella. This kind of preference has been going on at a large-scale level over the last 21 years of TPLF rule.

Dear Zeray, Please don’t tell me that the people of Gambeall and Ethiopia as whole are better off under your ethnic apartheid regime. The only thing the TPLF have given to the people of Gambella is terror, suffering, pain and death not development or self determination.

I must confront you and your ethnic apartheid regime with the truth—you and the TPLF supporters have put the lives and national interests of the Ethiopian people in great and urgent jeopardy.

The TPLF has betrayed the Ethiopian people, trampled on the Constitution and are now selling our future for a pittance. Menelik Palace and overseas bank accounts with huge assets are not enough for the TPLF leaders and their friends in privileged places.

The ethnic hatred regime of the TPLF is now claiming the food, huts and lives of the already impoverished and calling it economic growth when it is really large-scale robbery by an unelected, illegitimate and criminal regime. Such an appetite will never be satisfied.

Moral laws are unknown to the ethnic hatred regime of the TPLF. Truth has become the lie and the lie them truth. The collapse of Ethiopia is inevitable as long as the TPLF continue such a course.

Ethiopia may not have been colonized in the past, but it now is becoming a “slave state” as the TPLF sell, use or abuse anybody or anything to advance your own interests. If any dare stand in the TPLF regime way, they are harassed, tortured, imprisoned or killed; oftentimes using a TPLF-controlled “rule of law” to carry out “perverted justice.”

Many courageous, honest and committed Ethiopians and thousands of others, who might expose the TPLF or threaten its totalitarian rule, are locked up on trumped up charges in prisons and detention centers across the country.

Democracy activist and journalist Eskinder Nega was charged as a terrorist for writing on the topic of freedom of assembly.

The TPLF care little about the millions of Ethiopians who are struggling for survival, particularly because they have no strength to oppose the TPLF when the TPLF want their land or resources. If some are strong enough to fight back, your ethnic aprthide regime call them terrorists and send the ruthless TPLF-controlled military apparatus to collectively punish everyone from their ethnicity.

The TPLF officals give the regime protection to the human rights criminals within the Ethiopian National Defense Forces who commit genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes.

At the same time, the regime forcibly conscript many of the good sons and daughters of Ethiopia to fight alongside or under the command of such conscienceless perpetrators in a war in Somalia, against our own people in the Ogaden, in Gambella, Oromiya and in other attacks against civilians throughout the entire country. The ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF is attacking the Ethiopian people they are supposed to protect.

May God help these precious Ethiopian people who are trapped in such an evil system; not only giving them a sense of His love, strength and mercy, but may God also empower them, when the right time comes, to stand up for God’s moral law and the protection of human life. This time is quickly approaching because Ethiopians have had enough! With God, nothing is impossible and He takes no bribes.

Brother Zeray, I am speaking to you in love and in hope that all of us can benefit from speaking honestly and directly with each other. Let me start with “the elephant in the room!”

Let us break the silence. Society is supposed to be like a human body, where the body functions well when all the parts are working.

We need every part, for without each part, how do we come back to health? God will help us if we trust in Him fully. Come back to God’s principles—fearing Him and loving one another.

Let us prepare the way for a peaceful transition to a New Ethiopia where no one is fearful of others.

Let us put our humanity before our ethnicity and we may find a real homeland where all Ethiopian ethnic groups are free. May God bring healing to ALL our people and land!

Sincerely your brother and severance,

Obang Metho,
Executive Director of the SMNE
Website: www.solidaritymovement.org