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“Humanity comes before Ethnicity”

Obang Metho

I am inspired by thousands of Ethiopian whom I have met— by their courage, their competent, their determination, their love, their care— by you name it!

I have met with so many remarkable Ethiopians from many different ethnic groups and faiths that I’m overwhelmed with the beauty and variety of our fellow-Ethiopians. All of them have touched me and taught me so much more about our shared humanity.

These friendships have broken down many of the negative stereotypes that have been promoted and exaggerated in the past. With God’s help, we can find healing, reconciliation, restoration and to build up a“New Ethiopia,” where “Humanity comes before Ethnicity and No one Ethiopian is free until we are free. A country grounded on valuing and protecting the rights of all Ethiopian not one ethnic group or Kilil.”

We have no choice but to move forward to unite our beloved people and free our beautiful country. The future of Ethiopia is in our hands.

Our job should not be only for ourselves; but also for the millions of suffering people stuck in this ethnic apartheid, harsh and cruel system of the TPLF. And if we do it well, those generations who come after us will have a better life.

Be part of the change we are looking for.”It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set bush fires in people’s minds” – by Samuel Adams.

Keep hope alive and never give up at this most difficult time of our history.