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A Master Plan for Urban Sprawl versus City Densification A Master Plan for Urban Sprawl versus City Densification

By Gabisso Halaale,

saynoIn free societies, political leaders are elected by the people. Therefore, they safeguard the economic, political, social and cultural interests of the electorate. If the citizens are aggrieved by the actions of the politicians they have elected to lead them, they will fire them in the next rounds of elections. In free societies no single political institution has a monopoly over political views and therefore there are wide alternatives from which the electorate can freely select the political institution that it thinks can best serve its interests. In essence, therefore, in free societies, leaders are servants of the people and not the other way round. Accordingly, before implementing any major decisions that affect the economic, social and cultural interests of the citizens, governments in free societies widely consult the citizens either through public fora or referenda to reach consensuses. These can range from a minor family related laws, policies and plans to more complex socio-economic problems.

On the contrary, in unfree societies such as colonies, empires and kingdoms, leaders or rather rulers seize political power through a hereditary aristocratic succession, a coup de tat, and/or as victors of expansion or a civil war. Therefore, rulers of the unfree societies are not accountable to the people they rule. Nothing obliges them to safeguard the interests of the citizens. In unfree societies, the primary objective of the rulers is to serve their own narrow selfish interests. Therefore, in unfree societies the people are servants of the rulers. Rulers can take any decisions that have immense implications on the economic, social, and cultural interests of the citizens with impunity. Because they are not accountable to the people, rulers of unfree societies cannot tolerate any dissenting voices. Any decisions taken by rulers are right, because for dictators the “might is always right.” That is what is happening in Oromia and other parts of the TPLF colonies in Ethiopia today. It is crystal clear today than ever before that the oppressed peoples of this country cannot expect the TPLF government to safeguard their economic, social, and cultural interests. On the contrary, the systematic violence of the TPLF regime on the civilians bear the hallmark of a regime hell bent to destroy the very fabric of the oppressed societies.

One may argue that the TPLF does not rule the various colonial regions directly and therefore may not be held fully accountable for atrocities this regime commits against civilians in these regions. True, TPLF had manufactured dozens of ethnic based Peoples’ Democratic Organizations (PDOs) in 1991 and 1992 and thereafter and created a nominal alliance, the EPRDF, not as a front as it claims, but as a fronting entity for the TPLF dictatorial rule in the country. The very use of PDOs as fronting entities for the TPLF rule is illegal and corrupt practice and cannot therefore exonerate the TPLF from being accountable for the actions of the leaders of these charade of political parties commit. At a deeper level, not only the PDOs are manufactured by the TPLF, the leaders of these facade of political entities are handpicked by the TPLF and therefore are fully accountable to the latter. The PDO puppets are first and for most accountable to the TPLF and secondly to themselves. Their primary objective is to safeguard the political and economic interests of their mentors, the TPLF and secondly share the spoils left over by their masters. They are the shame of the oppressed societies. On the other hand, if any PDO representative attempts to voice a genuine concern about the people she/he claims to represent, she/he will face a harsh “evaluation” or “gimgema” and will be removed from her/his position with immediate effect. Therefore, the TPLF indirect rule is no different from any colonial indirect rule and therefore cannot exonerate them from the atrocities being committed against the oppressed peoples in the country.
The Oromo people overwhelmingly rejected the so called Addis Ababa Master Plan for over a year and a half now. Since April 2014 civilians, young and old, men and women and people from all walks of life peacefully protested in the streets across the vast Oromia territory rejecting the Mater Plan and echoing their grievances against the age-old economic, political, and cultural marginalization. And yet because the TPLF colonial rulers are not accountable to the people, they refuse to listen to the grievances of millions of the Oromo electorate. Instead, they continue to unleash their military might on the unarmed civilians killing over 140 and wounding and imprisoning tens of thousands. Bekele Gerba, a deputy chairperson of the Oromo Federalist Congress a legally registered opposition political party in the country, and a Professor of foreign language in Addis Ababa University, who was released from jail just five months ago has been imprisoned again and is being tortured in Miakelawi prison at present. Bekele Gerba is an avid advocate of peaceful resistance and his continued mistreatment by the TPLF regime only exposes the sadistic nature of this colonial rulers.

One may ask why the TPLF rulers are so determined to implement Master Plan of urban sprawl at any cost. The Master Plan envisages incorporating 36 towns and 17 districts from the Oromia region. This is an urban sprawl of an epic proportion. The constitutional and legal fallacy of the Master Plan to expand Addis Ababa has been eloquently expounded by the Oromia legal experts and as a non-lawyer, I do not have much to add on that.

In this short piece, I would rather attempt to elucidate the debate around urban sprawl versus densification of the exiting urban spaces. Is urban sprawl the only alternative to develop Addis Ababa? Does the current land use pattern and density of the Addis Ababa city warrant a master plan to expand the city ten folds in the coming decade or so? Is the expansion worth the human and the ecological costs it entails?

First, as dictatorial rulers, the TPLF officials did not bother to assess what the optimal development model for the federal city like Addis Ababa should look like. Today there are ongoing debates about building ecologically, economically and socially sustainable urban centers instead of expanding urban spaces boundlessly. Densification of cities has historically been a widely used approach to achieve sustainable urban development. Densification can be applied as an urban development model not only to new cities but also to old cities with reasonable unused or less optimally used urban spaces. The densification of cities has a number of advantages. These include, among others, an efficient use of land which is one of the scarcest resources; less travelling distances and hence low consumption of energy and low pollution; better scenic beauty as cities become more compact; and social sustainability. Densification also saves travel costs for the citizens and the costs of delivering basic economic and social services by the government. On the other hand, in sprawling cities, the costs of transport from suburban areas to work places may be prohibitive to the poorer sections of the society endangering social sustainability. In addition, for sprawling cities the government has to cough up huge sums of funds for investments on road construction, electricity grid extensions, water supplies and telephone lines, among others. In light of the above, can Ethiopia afford to allow Addis Ababa to sprawl out of control? The answer is negative. The Addis Ababa master plan is therefore socially, ecologically, and environmentally unsustainable model of city development and should be scrapped immediately.

Secondly, according to the TPLF government reports, the land area of Addis Ababa city in 2012 was 51, 957.87 hectares or roughly 520 sq. km. The population of Addis Ababa in 2012 was 3.0 million. The density of Addis Ababa in 2012 was therefore about 5769 persons per sq. km. According to statistic from Newgeography, among the 26 megacities of the world (cities that have population of 10 million or more) only 6 cities have population density significantly less than that of Addis Ababa in 2012. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has the highest population density (44,400 people per followed by Mumbai in India with 30,900 persons per sq. km and Karachi Pakistan with 18300 person per sq. km. In Africa Lagos, has a population of 11.5 million but land area less than twice that of Addis Ababa thus making it the most densely populated city in Africa with 12,700 persons per sq. km.

More over according to Juan C.A. Gomez (2015) “Addis Ababa ranked the city with more slums in Africa, with alarming numbers, 80% of the city lives in low quality, slum-like dwellings, most of them with no sanitary services, potable water, waste management, etc. 70% of the slums are located in the inner city, mostly in premium locations of special interest for the city or private developers, this shows the enormity of the issue and why slum-upgrading policies, eviction actions, relocation schemes and more programmes are in the front of both architectural and political discourses.” In addition to this, according to the 2012 land use report 27% of the land in Addis is used for field crop production. Addis Ababa has an ample potential for densification and more sustainable city development. There does not appear any economic and social imperative to expand the city any more in the coming few decades.

Why then would the TPLF want to confiscate lands from 36 towns and 17 districts from the Oromia region while the Addis Ababa is one of the least densely populated and 80% of it is in slum-like conditions in need of urgent development? The answer is clear. TPLF does not seem to be interested in the sustainable development of Addis Ababa city at all. It appears that the primary objective in developing the master plan is simply to grab as much land as possible to enrich the TPLF officials and their henchmen. They know very well that it is more difficult and costly to evict Addis Ababa city slum dwellers than evicting a poor Oromo farmer in the surrounding villages of the city. It is mind boggling to witness a government refusing to backtrack on a master plan to expand a slum city ten folds to create the largest city slum on planet earth while countries in Africa and the rest of the world have embarked on the development of more ecologically, economically and socially sustainable compact cities. This reflects TPLF’s bottomless arrogance and contempt on Oromo society in particular and all other oppressed peoples in general. Addis Ababa was built on Oromo land. It has progressively displaced millions of Oromo people to vacate 520 sq. km of free space to build the city. And yet the right of the Oromo people on their ancestral land has never been recognized. This regime takes the oppressed peoples for granted and would want us not to question their irrational and the most sub optimal economic and political decisions. This is yet another testimony that the TPLF led government is never a developmental state it claims to be after all and never will it be one.

The boundless expansion of Addis Ababa city is illegal, unconstitutional, and economically, ecologically, and socially unsustainable. The master plan is not worth the economic costs it entails let alone the vast human suffering and ecological destruction it engenders. The master plan must be therefore scrapped and should be replaced with densification of urban areas. Failing this, the TPLF will plunge the country and itself into oblivion.




Taammanaa Bitimaa irraaTPLFHandsoffLand20155
Kunoo, amma bara moofaa keessaa gara bara haaraatti dabarree jirra. Barri dabre kun, barri 2015 bara Oromooti jechuu dandeenya. Kan bara san bara Oromoo taasese immoo Qabsoo Oromoo isa Dhaloota Qubeetiin dachee Oromiyaa sochoosee, diina Oromoo ollachiise sani. Jarri qawwee baaddhatee, harree ooffatee, barabaasoon Oromiyaa seenee qabeenya uummata Oromoo saammatee, abbootii kitilaa (abbootii miliyoonaa) tahe kun, kunoo waggaalee 24 guutuu qawween gateettii isaa irraa hin bune. Takkaa qawwee boraafatee rafuu hin dhiifne. Amma qawween lafee fi dhiiga isaa keessa tuulamuun sammuu isaayyuu weerare jira. Eeyyee, jarri qawwee bakka amantii ofii buufate kun kan durii caala, bara dabre kana keessa dhiiga ijoollee Oromoo akka galaana Adoolessaatti dhangalaasee jira. Haadholii fi ijoollee bira kutee akkoowwanillee galaafatee argama. Shamarran Oromoo, ililliiwwan teenya humna qawweetiin gudeeduun nu jalaa salphiseeti jira. Guddattuu waggaa torbaallee otoo hin hambisin galaafatee argama.Kana hundaa oggaa godhu, uummanni addunyaa teeknolojii bara ammayyaa isa ijoolleen Oromoo irra geesseen daawwachaa ture. Ammallee ittuma jira. Mee eenyutu, xiinxalaa seenaa fi taliigaa (siyaasaa) isa kamtu Oromiyaa guutuu irraa, gandeeni fi magaalattiiwwan takkallee otoo hin hafin, Oromoon akkanatti ka’uun sochowee dachee sochoosa jedhee himee ture? Maarree, sabni akkasitti hudhamee waanjoo gabrummaa jala jiru, hudhaatiin sun hafuura tokkollee baafachuu isa dhoowwinaan akkasitti olka’e. Ammas jarri sammuun isaanii gara qawweetti geeddarame kun, qaawa tokkollee waan nuuf hin dhiifneef irra-caalaa akka waltaanee kaanu, akka waltaanee fincillu nu dhiibaa jiru. Ammas kan bara dabree caalaa akka alaa-manaa waltaanee sochoonu nu gochaa jiru. Ammaan booda jiraa Oromoo dhiisitii du’aan Oromoollee diina biyya keenya qabateen dhiddhiitamee buluu akka hin qabne, uummanni Oromoos beekee jira, Waaqnis isaaf beekee jira! Tokkummaan isaa, seexaan isaa, tooftaa fi malli isaa kana caalaa jabaatee itti-fufuu qaba! Uummanni Oromoo abbaan nagaa fi nageenyaa kun, inni nagaa ilmoo namaa dhiisitii kan bineeyyii fi biqiltuuwwanillee eegee bulu kun, daangaa namaa hin dabarre, nagaa ollaa fi namoota biyya isaa keessa nagaan jiraatanii hin booressine. Ammoo, warra jibbii fi qawween sammuu fi onnee isaa dhuunfate kanaan qeyeedhuma isaa keessatti, araddaadhuma isaa irratti dararamaa, ijoolleen isaa akka baala mukaatti jalaa harcawaa jirti. Warri Wayyaanee kun sadarkaa ilmoo namaa irraa gara sadarkaa bineensaatti ofumaan of gadibuusanii argamu. Kanaaf, uummannii fi sabni Oromoo qabsoo bilisummaafi walabummaa isaa daran cimsee itti-fufuu malee, filmaata biraa tokkollee hin qabu!Qabsoon ammaan tana Oromiyaa guutuu irratti adeemaa jiru kun qabsoo nagaati. Qabsoon kun akkanumatti, kana caalayyuu cimee of-cimsuun, irra-caalayyuu malaa fi tooftaa isaa babaldhifachuun itti-fufuu qaba! Kannneen keessaa qabsoon dinagdee warra Wayyaanee irratti oofamu karaa fi daangaa isaa babaldhifachuun jabaatee itti-fufamuun kan hardhaa-boru hin jedhamne. Uummanni Oromoo seenaa isaa keessa deebiyuun irraa baratee isa ammaa kanaaf oolchuutu isa baasa. Jecha dubbii Oromoo keessa: “uummanni sitti jiguu mannaa, Waaqni sitti jiguu wayya“, kan jedhamutu jira. “Yoo Waaqni sitti jige, uummatatu kadhatee, booyee Waaqa kadhachuun jalaa si oolcha. Yoo uummanni sitti jige garuu kan isa jalaa si baasu hin jiru.“, jedha uummanni beekaan kun. Oromoon alagaa dhiisitii dhala Oromooyyuu, isa seera fi aadaa isaa jeeqe, isa waan dhalli namaa hin hojjanne hojjate tokko karaa itti isa adabu qaba. Nama akkanaa kanatti akka namuu hin dubbanne, yoo balaan irra gaye akka isaaf hin birmanne, yoo innii fi miseensi maatii isaa tokko boqote akka bayee hin awwaalle faa waliigaluun adaba. Ammas nuti Oromoonni, warra dhiiga kichuuwwan keenyaa akka galaanaatti dhangalaase kana: waa irraa hin binnu; waas isatti hin gurgurru. Hoteela isaa seennee hin bullu; restoraantii isaa seennee waa hin nyaannu. Konkolaataa isaatiin hin deemnu. Huccuu faabrikaa isaa keessaa baye binnee hin uffannu. Eekaa, meeqaa meeqa lakkoofnee tarreessa ollaa mitii dubbiin kun karaa maraan cimee, cimsee itti-fufamuutu kan Oromoo fi Oromiyaa baasu taha.

Kana malees, siyachi nuti Oromoonni baadiyaas, kanneen magaalaawwanis gibira lafaa fi manaa mootummaa Wayyaanee kanaaf galchuu hin qabnu. Mootummaan Wayyaanee, mootummaa otoo hin taane, garee fi tuuta gaadduu fi saamtuu-ti. Shiftaa fi gaadduunillee safuu fi safeeffata xiqqoo wayii waan qabaniif, daa’immanii fi haayyolee hin tuqani. Sadarkaan warri Wayyaanee amma irratti argaman sadarkaa: gaadduu, saamtuu, shiftaa fi addaggee gandeen keessaa-ti. Warra akkanaa kanaaf, gibira galchuun, qaraxa baasuun, manneen seeraa isaanii walgeessuu dhaabu qabna. Kanaafuu, qabsoon karaa nagaa inni ijoolleen teenya jalqabdee, uummanni keenya ishii cinaa dhaabachuun itti-cimse kun karaa maraan baldhatee, ititee, walqabachuun itti-fufuutu kan nus, biyya keenyas baasu taha. Kakuu dhaa; laguu dhaa; hoodaa kun itti-fufamuu qaba! Ennaa kana goonu hunda, namoota alagaa warra nagaan biyya keenya keessa jiratanii, nagaa fi nageenya isaanii tikfachuu qabna. Nuti kana kan goonu, nama wayii sodaannee yookaan: “maal nuun jedhuuf” otoo hin taane, aadaa fi duudhaa uummata Oromoo raajeffatamaa kanaa irraa barachuuni. Dhaloonni Qubee raajeffatamaan kun karaa kanaanis akka addunyaan isa raajeffatu taasifatee jira.

Qabsoon keenya kun Gaafa Afrikaa guutuu irraa tumsaa fi mararfannoo daran cimaa horatee muldhata. Uummatoonni fi jaarmoleen warra: Ogaadeen, Afaar, Sidaamaa, Benshaangul, Gambeellaa fi warri kaan nu bira dhaabatanii argamu. Dhiigni ijoollee teenyaa fi lafeen isanii isaanis akkuma keenya aarsee, akkuma keenya ilkaan ciniinnachiisee nu maddii dhaabee jira. Biyyoota alaa kanatti dhiigni fi foon keenya warri Ogaadeen hiriira goonu cufa irratti takkaa nu biraa hin hafne. Nuti dhalawwan Oromoo warri bineensummaa mootummaa Habashaa kanneen durii fi isa ammaa kana jalaa baqachuun biyyalafaa guutuu keessa faffacaanee jirru, kan ammaa caalaa jabaannee firoottan qabsoo keenyaaf horachuu qabna. Keessumaa akka uummanni Afrikaa fi Afro-Ameerikaanonni waayee keenya sirriitti qalbeeffataniif guyyuu irratti hojjachuutu, dubbii nu baasu taha! “Abbaan iyyatu malee, ollaan namaaf hin birmatu“, jedha Oromoon keenya.

Nuti Oromoonni biyyoota ambaa keessatti argamnu, kunoo torbanoota saddeet guutuu boowaa, hiriira bahaa, halkanillee cabbii Oroppaa fi Ameerikaa keessa bulaa, addunyaatti iyyachaa jirra. Otoo imimmaan nu keessaa gadi yaa’aa jiru kan waraabamu tahee, Laga Waabee guutuu dandaya. Garuu, kan ammaa caalaa cimnee karaa maraan uummata keenya, isa biyyaa dararamaa jiru bira dhaabachuutu dirqama seenaa fi dirqama dhalootaa nutti taha. Isa guyyaatti al-sadii nyaannu keessaa isa al-tokkoo qabsoof oolchuun keenya dirqama. Isa sa’aa saddeet rafnu keessaa sa’aa sadii waayee qabsoo keenyaa irratti hojjachuutu sirrii dha. Jaarmoleen Oromoo isaan garagaraa kan ammaa caalaa walitti dhufuun tokkummaa isaanii jabeeffachuu qabu. Kana biraa kutuun namoonni Oromoo warri seera baratan waltayanii dureewwan warra Wayyaanee isaan biyyoota alaa keessa deddeeman seera addunyaatti, mana murtii UNO-tti dhiyeessuu qabu! Oromoonni biroo immoo karaa hundaan isaan gargaruun waanuma jiru. Abadan ammaan booda dureewwan warra Wayyaanee dhiiga ijoollee fi uummata keenyaa akkanatti lolaasanii olii-gadi deddeemuun dhaabachuu qaba!

Nuti Oromoonni alaa-manaa kan ammaa caalaa warra OPDO kana irratti hojjachuu qabna. Oggaan kana jedhu Muktaar Kadirii fi Abbaa Duulaa faa jechuu kiyyaa miti. Isaan kana hamma feene irratti hojjannullee, ashkarummaa fi jala-kaattummaa jalaa isaan baasuu hin dandeenyu. Miseensota OPDO kanneen kumaan lakkaawaman, miseensota foolisii Oromiyaa fi waraana Toopphiyaa irratti karaa addaddaatiin iyya harmee Oromiyaa dabarsuufii qabna. Ilmaan Oromoo warri qawwee qabachuun diina jala jiran, qawwee san qabatanii uummata ofiitti dabalamuu qabu. Kun hojii salphaa wayii waan hin taneef, laaffifneetoo bira dabruu hin qabnu.

Qabsoon keenya inni amma finiina jiru kun, qabsoo isa karaa nagaati jedheen ture. Garuu, jarri karaa nagaa kana callaan nu lafa irraa duguuguu kana irraa akka duubatti hin deebne ganamumaan beekuutu sirrii dha. Warri sammuun isaanii gara qawweetti jijjirame kun, akka harki keenya qawwee qabatuuf nu dhiibaa jiru. Kun akka laayyootti ilaalamuu akka hin qabne, hundi keenya beekuun qajeelaa dha. “Qawween eessaayyi dhufa?“, naan hin jedhinaa, qawween Oromiyaa keessa ciisaa jiraa! Uummata bilisummaa ofiitii ijaaramee, tokkoomee ka’eef: qottoon, dongoraan, doomaan, cakiin, halbeen, haamtuun, maarashaan, cuubeen, eebboon, shootalli, shimalli, gajaraan, manshiin, jaafgaan, hordaan faayyuu qawwee dha. Gabrichi abbaa-gabraa irraa hidhannoo isaa hiikkatee of-bilisoomsuun namaanis, Waaqaanis eebbifamaa dha!

Uummanni Oromoo bilisummaa uumaan qabu kanaaf karaa maraan sochowuutu isa baasa. Tokkummaan Oromoo akka kana irra cimuuf, Oromummaan akka kana irra itituuf jabaannee irratti hojjachuu qabna! Dureewwan amantii fi manneen amantii marti: kan Waaqeffataa, kan Islaamaa fi kan Kiristaanaa iyya harmee Oromiyaa dhaggeeffachuun Waaqa kadhachuufii qabu! Ammaan booda laftii fi namni, gaarranii fi laggeen Oromiyaa marti diina qawween nu irra taa’ee dhiiga ijoollee teenyaa dhangalaasu kanatti ni ka’u. Laggeen Oromiyaa diinni waraabbatee irraa dhugu dhiiga itti-tahu. Margii fi furri inni irra deemu qoree laaftoo itti-tahuun isa waraanu. Biyyee fi cirrachi inni irra ijjatu barbadaa tahuun isa waxalu. Qilleensi Oromiyaa inni fuunfatu summii isatti taha! Nama Oromoo dhiisitii horii fi bineeyyiin Oromiyaatuu tokko tahuun isa diru! Ammaan booda namaa fi lafa Oromiyaatu, Ayyaanaa fi Waaqa Oromootu ijoollee Oromootiif iyyee iyya dabarsa! Erga Waaqni fi Lafti nuuf iyyee iyya dabarsee, guyyaan bilisummaa fiwalabummaa keenyaa dhiyaachaa jira jechaa dha!
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The Sidama Farmers Beaten and Arrested by TPLF’s Forces

In the past 24 years of Ethiopian politics, TPLF’s savage regime has shown its state-terrorism and capability of committing crimes of unprecedented proportion against unarmed civilians. It has also shown its inadequacy in a number of ways including totally ignoring and breaking its constitution which is country’s supreme law although it always erroneously preaches it. The regime always claims that it is safeguarding the constitution even whilst killing unarmed civilians. Time again we sow TPLF’s regime blatantly violating the rights of citizens under the pretext of its defense. This claim remains an ongoing rhetoric even as it currently massacres Oromo civilians by imposing martial law in Oromia region.

Witnessing the ongoing massacre of hundreds of thousands of unarmed citizens in broad day light on yearly basis can’t be defending the rights of civilians or safeguarding of the constitution. Continually incarcerating hundreds of thousands of peaceful civilians and opposition figures who speak the truth isn’t defending constitution. Responding to all peaceful quests of the citizens with live bullets doesn’t constitute promoting justice. The unlawful displacement of millions of helpless and powerless farmers from their ancestral lands to allow TPLF’s officials to trade with their lands under obfuscating explanations by leaving legitimate owners and their families destitute can’t justify any person’s or government’s actions. Favoring single ethnic (minority) thus allowing them to own the lands of the entire country belonging to all 96 million Ethiopians isn’t about defending constitution. Terrorizing peaceful and unarmed citizens under the pretexts of defending constitution and peace and security can’t justify any person’s brutal actions under whatsoever explanation. Controlling of the entire economy, military and political aspect of the country by solely Tigray born politicians never justify the action of TPLF’s government. Promoting the supremacy of minority government to do whatever they wish on the other groups of peoples can’t be continually tolerated. Moreover, relocating TPLF’s own people (politicians and affiliates) from Tigray region in the land of Oromia, Sidama, Ogaden, Amhara by displacing them without the will of the peoples of those regions isn’t and can’t be sustainable and tolerated any longer.

There are ample evidence proving that this regime has neither respected its Paper Tiger constitution nor allowed the citizens to exercise them apart from brutally treating the citizens by its military and security apparatuses whenever they demand these rights to be respected. The citizens of the country from north to south, from west to east have been summarily executed, massacred and extra judiciary arrested for demanding their constitutionally guaranteed rights. As I have mentioned above, millions have been displaced from their lands without the necessary parameters in place to safeguard their livelihoods with ultimate aim of vacating their land for the regimes’ cadres so that they can trade with it for their personal gain in the name of investment. The continued massacre of the Oromo people and beating and imprisoning of the Sidama farmers as we speak is part of such regime’s ill-conceived and savage actions against fundamental and constitutionally guaranteed rights of citizens.

Although constitutionally unlawful, politically incorrect and morally wrong, TPLF’s leadership and loyal cadres’ excessive use of farmers’ land as their own personal asset by displacing millions has blatantly continued. TPLF’s officials and their surrogates increasingly became such reckless greedy bunches of criminals who have no sense of humanity, power of empathy and reasoning to continue with their unprecedented level of barbarism toward unarmed civilians under their false development’s defeating mantra. After exhausting all business and economic exploitation of the entire country, they have now resorted to confiscating the lands of Oromia, Sidama, Ogadenia, Amhara and others regional peoples.

TPLF’s army and political leadership who have arrived to Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) 24 years ago – each of them with single fire arm and famous slippers locally known as ‘Barabasso’ and pediculosis infested unhygienic Afro hair have already looted the Oromo, the Sidama, Amhara, Ogadenia, Benshalgul, and the entire south Ethiopia resources to accumulate multimillion; to build multi-story buildings in various cities and towns of the country, exclusively rule over the entire country with iron feast, evade taxi to keep multi million dollars in foreign countries and further create hundreds of business companies under various pretexts. As we speak, they are hell bent to continue with their unwarranted barbarism, lies and deceits whist looting and subjugating their subjects.

Moreover, evidences show that TPLF’s regime has also sophisticated its dehumanizing and depersonalizing techniques to a number of ways including brutally torturing, sodomizing male prisoners and gang-raping female opposition prisoners. In their infamous prison known as ‘Ma’ikelawi’ literally meaning the central; tens of thousands of political, economic and human rights activists are incarcerated where they are subjected to such horrendous dehumanizing and depersonalizing treatments in the name of defending the said lifeless constitution. The Sidama’s famous business person known as ‘Solomon Nayu’ has been kidnapped from his home on the 27th of November 2015 and taken to the said notorious prison where his family and the Sidama community are denied visit and concerned for his life.

Meanwhile, TPLF’s regime policy towards the Sidama nation has brutal and continued as it has been for the past 24 years. Tens of thousands of Sidama farmers have been displaced from their ancestral lands of Hawassa adjacent villages since this regime has assumed power. The Sidama farmers and civilians as well as opposition politicians who have resisted to such polices have been always responded with imprisonments, torture and live bullets. For instance, the Loqqee massacre of Sidama’s 69 civilians on May 24, 2002 is part of such TPLF’s heinously masterminded action and barbarous policy toward the Sidama nation as is to the Oromo, Ogadenia, Gambella, Amhara and the other peoples of the country.

More shockingly, TPLF’s regime has planned to exponentially expand Hawassa city up to Yirgalem (over 44 km) from Hawssa. In its second phase, TPLF’s regime has already displaced at least 200,000 Sidama farmers from three Hawassa adjacent districts where it has already began trading with the Sidama’s ancestral lands leaving the Sidama farmers destitute. The Sidama farmers those who question TPLF’s unlawful actions are always brutally beaten in front of their wives, children and even in front of their in-laws (children’s wives and husbands).

Since the 23rd of December 2015, the newly assigned Hawassa mayor renegade known as Tewodros Gebiba (although his name if Tewodros Gebeyehu, from one of Sidama born non-Sidama Ethiopians) has been terrorizing Sidama farmers at Sidama’s Shallo farmer’s association about 12-15km from Hawassa. He has called for the Sidama farmers meeting in this particular association where he’s asked them to unconditionally leave their lands for government’s development projects. When the Sidama farmers question what this is meant to their families and questioned why the government displaces them without any compensation and pre-arranged plans, he’s boldly reminded them about the Sidama’s Loqqee massacre of May 24, 2002 and warned them that, if they resist the plan of the government, similar fate might be awaiting them. Subsequently, the Sidama farmers rose up against him when he has immediately ordered for re-enforcement of two military vehicles full of security personnel who have been waiting for such deployment in Hawassa. Tewodros Gebeyehu has been also entrusted the power of commanding Hawassa’s city security forces exclusively assigned by the federal government to terrorize Sidama people in addition to his puppet mayoral role. He has been given both roles simply because TPLF’s authorities and fake PM Hailemariam Desalegne believed that this man is an honest anti-Sidama tool, good for taking their orders to implement it in Sidama land without slightest hesitation and deviation.

Sidama business places burned down by regime's secret forces to vacate room for TPLF's businesses in Hawassa.

In so doing, Tewodros Gebeyehu (fake Gebiba) has ordered the security and federal police personnel to beat and torture hundreds of Sidama’s Shallo farmers. After satisfying their sadistic interests of beating and torturing of unarmed Sidama farmers, they brought unknown number of them to Hawassa police station where they stay to date. These farmers are in addition to those who have been beaten and tortured in Datto village for similar reason where 42 Sidama farmers have been finally arrested about 5 weeks ago.

The Sidama nation must be united and rise up against the regime brutalizing them whilst systematically impoverishing the nation under the pretext of fake development. There can’t be any development by uprooting farmers from their livelihoods to make them and their families utter destitute. The Sidama nation must be prepared and take up all possible challenges to pay the necessary sacrifices for their rights in particular with their Oromo cousins. The Sidama’s University students must work with their Oromo cousins’ day and night until this regime is removed from power to allow the rules of law to be fully exercised and the respect of human dignity and democratic rights are fully achieved.

The Sidama nation must stand shoulder to shoulder with the Oromo to fight this brutal regime with all possible means. Never keep silent. Equally, Amhara, Ogadenia, Afar, Gambellla, Benshangul, Wolyta, Gedeo, Hadya, Guragie, Kambata, Kafa Shaka and the rest of Ethiopians, must show their unconditional support to the Oromo nation with action not with lip services. It is a time for all of us to be united to wage effective war against TPLF’s barbaric and heinous regime who rejoices by the tortures of unarmed and powerless citizens.

Silence while something so important to humanity is being compromised is equivalent to dead walking. ‘Life without Purpose and Reason is not worth living’ (Socrates 390 BC).

By Kukkissa, the Sidama reporter from Sidama capital Hawassa.

Oppressed Peoples Have Historic Duty to stand by the Oromo Nation

    ambo                           January 1, 2016 Oromia
Gabisso HalaaleWe are witnessing a human tragedy of biblical proportions in Oromia, Ethiopia today. At the center of the tragedy is the peaceful protests by the Oromo civilians against the so called Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan that will incorporate dozens of cities, towns and rural farm villages from the neighbouring Oromia Region into the federal capital, Addis Ababa. If implemented, this will inevitably displace millions of the indigenous Oromo farmers from their ancestral lands jeopardizing their livelihood security and plunging them into poverty and destitution. Using the rights enshrined in the constitution of the country, the Oromo civilians, i.e. elementary, high school and university students, farmers, civil servants and Oromos from all walks of life staged peaceful rallies across the vast Oromia region since 12 November 2015 to demand an immediate halt in the implementation of the Master Plan, which they regard as a ploy to annex a vast territory of Oromia into the federal capital.

The government response to the peaceful demands of the Oromo civilians was barbaric and brutal to say the least. Instead of listening to the people who have echoed legitimate grievances, the TPLF/EPRDF regime unleashed armed military and federal police forces on unarmed children, elders, men and women killing, maiming, torturing, and imprisoning thousands in the past six weeks. The latest figures of human toll are 125 Oromo civilians brutally killed, 1500 wounded, 800 made to disappear and over 4500 imprisoned. Similar protests at a smaller scale by Oromo University students, primary from Ambo town, in May 2014 against the same Master Plan was crushed by the infamous Agazi military unit which killed over 47 students and wondered hundreds. Hundreds were thrown into prisons across the country. Many of these detainees have not yet been brought before any court of law until today. The extraordinary violence and massacre of peacefully protesting Oromo civilians amounts to a genocide. The TPLF/EPRDF regime is committing genocide in Oromia before our own eyes today. When responding to a question by a journalist in mid 1990s, the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi justified the banning of the defunct Workers Party of Ethiopia (WPE) on the basis of the crimes that party committed on civilians in the country. He described the WPE as a fascist party and stated that “banning fascist parties from political spaces was not unheard-of”, to use his own phrases. Well, today, the party and government once led by him, are committing exactly the same, if not worse, crimes against humanity in Oromia. Therefore, using Meles Zenawi’s own definition, we can safely classify TPLF/EPRDF as a fascist party that should be banished from the political space of the country as a matter of urgency.

This is not an isolated crime against humanity by this regime. Ever since the TPLF purged opposition political parties that co-established the transitional government in 1991, it carried out violent suppressions of dissent across the various regions of the country. The government killed hundreds if not thousands of civilians in various parts of the country with impunity at least for the past 15 years. Most of these mass murders bear the hallmark of the ongoing massacre in Oromia today.

The Oromo student killings: March and October 2000. Student protest against massive burning of natural forests in Oromia and the decision to move the capital of Oromia State from Addis Ababa to Adama. At least 2 students were killed and over 300 arrested.
The Addis Ababa University student massacre April 2001: About 41 people killed over the demand for academic freedom.
The Sidama Massacre 24 May 2002: 70 children and elders killed by the military and federal police in Loqqee, Hawassa, for peacefully protesting against the proposal to move the Sidama capital from Hawassa to Yirgalem.
The Anuak Massacre December 2003: over 500 Anuak civilians killed by the military over the land dispute instigated by government.
Massacre of Addis Ababa protesters against the rigging of the 2005 elections: nearly 200 peaceful protesters were killed.
Ogaden Somali Massacre –2007, 125 civilians killed in Gudhis village; December 2013: Over 43 civilians killed by the federal and local police in pastoral areas.
Ogaden-Somali: since mid-2007, in the name of quelling the insurgency, the federal army continued human rights violations on a massive scale in the region arbitrarily detaining and torturing civilians and raping women.
The first round of the Oromo protests against the Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan: May 2014: Over 47 students were killed.
These are just few documented cases of barbarity against civilians in the country by the minority TPLF regime, which by the definition of its own former leader is a fundamentally fascist organization. TPLF, which fought a guerrilla war against the military regime in the name of liberating the Tigray people from oppression and abuse of basic human and democratic rights by the military dictatorship, morphed into an exact replica of its predecessor in a relatively short period of time. The regime adopted a reasonable constitution that on paper recognizes the rights of nations, nationalities and peoples to self-determination including secession. On practice, it brutally stifles the basic, God given, human rights, including a basic freedom of speech, as well democratic rights of self-rule. It has demonstrated it fascist characteristic by brutally murdering a mother who was simply attempting to protect her son from harm as any mothers do. We all must ask, what if that was my mother, as all mothers have the same instinct to protect their children! It could have been my mother. It could have been your mother!

The barbaric violence in Oromia is overseen directly by the federal government. The nominal regional autonomy has been abrogated and the OPDO no more administers the region. The regime remains as belligerent as ever and has waged a conventional war on peacefully protesting civilians labeling the peaceful protesters as “terrorists”, a TPLF mantra to stifle civilian freedom. The prime minister, the TPLF stooge from the oppressed Omotic ethnic group, continues to echo an escalatory rhetoric instead of attempting to address the fundamental governance mess that has engulfed his own regime. As a son of the oppressed nation, I would have thought he might sit back and reflect on the unfolding calamity and resign with immediate effect instead of adding fuel to the fire. This will never deter the oppressed nations from forging ahead for freedom and justice.

The brutalization of the Oromo civilians continues amid defiance in the face of a massive human tragedy. The Oromo people, particularly the youth (Qeerroo) have said enough to slavery and dehumanization by the minority TPLF regime. We are at a turning point in the history of the country. A revolution for total emancipation of the Oromo people who are the majority in the country is in the making. The Oromo engaged and collaborative social consciousness has reached a critical level making a revolution inevitable. In particular, the Qeerroo generation of the 21st century will not submit to barbaric dehumanization of the Oromo society any more.

What then will be the role of the other oppressed nations? The answer is unambiguous. The Oromo demands are the demands of all oppressed nations in the country. The TPLF regime has not spared any oppressed peoples in the past 25 years of its rule and will not spare them in the future. The intensity of the suppression may vary across the various regions depending on the size of the region and the natural resource endowment, in particular land, which has become the most liquid commodity to enrich the TPLF ruling elites and their henchmen at the expense of the poor, but its nature remains the same across the board. TPLF is known for its large-scale, land grab policy in which millions of hectares of fertile lands inhabited by the indigenous farmers in Gambella and the Southern region have been confiscated and sold to the so-called domestic and foreign investors who produce flowers for international markets and food crops for their own home countries while the regime begs food aid for 15 million people following the 2015 drought. The ensuing famine, blamed on the natural phenomenon of El Nino, is the result of the failed economic policy of the TPLF regime whose primary economic interest is to expand the 58 large companies owned by its ruling elite at the expense of the private sector.

The “Hawassa Master Plan” is being finalized and will incorporate four districts and about 6 towns from the surrounding Sidamaland. This will displace thousands of the indigenous Sidama farmers from their ancestral land eroding their livelihood security and reducing them to beggars in Hawassa town. Every oppressed nation is vehemently opposed to the TPLF dictatorial political and economic margination in the country. Nonetheless, resistances in the past 15 years have been ad hoc, isolated and uncoordinated. This gave the TPLF regime an opportunity to crush them with relative ease at all times.

This is no more the case with the 2015 Oromo protests. The revolution has started. The Oromos are forging ahead with their rightful demand for freedom and dignity. The other oppressed nations are procrastinating to join the tide of change. Are the resonant social consciousness of the oppressed nations inadequate? As far as I am concerned, the oppressed nations’ understanding of essential interconnectedness between themselves and the Oromo nation has remained inadequate at least in the past 6 weeks. The other oppressed nations failed to comprehend that our political fate depends fully on the fate of the Oromo nation. We will never be free if Oromo is not free. We will never enjoy justice while the Oromo people continue to be brutalized by the monitory TPLF regime. Murmuring about our grievances in our homesteads is not enough. It is time we rise up and stand by the Oromo people before it is too late. The Oromo people can liberate themselves alone at a higher human cost. By standing in unison, we can mitigate the impending catastrophe and minimize the human cost of freedom to all. Nonetheless, we can choose to be bystanders at our own peril.

Addressing Post-TPLF Fears

By Dr. Ebissa Ragassa

There is great fear reverberating among Ethiopianist/Unionist that the sudden fall of TPLF will lead to Ethiopia’s disintegration. What Ethiopia may become after the fall of TPLF is a worrying scenario for many Ethiopianist however, in delaying to join Oromo’s peaceful uprising will not help the impending situation on the ground. Ethiopianist must see Oromo’s protest as people’s revolt against a regime that is bent on destroying the very foundation of our existence. Capitulation, hesitation on the part of Ethiopianist will only delay the removal of TPLF from power, in addition jeopardizing the hope of reviving Ethiopian unity post-TPLF.

Ethiopianist must stand in solidarity with their Oromo brothers and sisters who are waging a peaceful resistance in a face of a merciless enemy. Unless done so quickly when TPLF is scrambling to get a handle on the situation on the ground, Ethiopia’s fate will depend on what we do from this point on. Failure to take part in the uprising will undoubtedly raise a fundamental question whether Ethiopia is an idea worth preserving or is a facade. If Ethiopia’s unity is so fragile that the removal of TPLF will endanger our unity, then Ethiopia unity is in greater jeopardy than we imagine and we must quickly rethink the long-term strategies.

Already, the Oromo peaceful resistance has exposed TPLF’s vulnerabilities awaiting a joint effort to fully remove it from power. The uprising has damaged TPLF beyond repair, they can no longer continue to rule as they did before nor can they continue to rule by inciting ethnic fear, as such the primarily objective is to removal TPLF from power and make Ethiopia a common project. TPLF as an organization has de-evolved to the point of exclusively becoming an agent for foreign corporations by neglecting fundamental Ethiopia’s interest as evident by the lack of progress for past 25 years. The hope of transforming Ethiopia through TPLF is structurally and ideologically impossible. Given what is happening on the ground now, three possible outcomes could unfold post-TPLF.

The first scenario is that TPLF will fall and Ethiopia remains an intact country, this is not a remote possibility as will be discussed further. The second scenario would be Ethiopia will go through a referendum and each nation and nationalities will determine their own fate. The third scenario is that we do nothing, TPLF will continue to sell our lands to stay in power in the name of development and soon than later Ethiopia will become a failed state this a more likely, given the inherent ideology of TPLF.

Ethiopia has lost more than its gained under TPLF dictatorship. Eritrea had seceded fundamentally altering Ethiopia’s territorial integrity with TPLF spearheading the effort. Ethiopia had lost its port, a vital access to the sea that was purposely designed to cripple Ethiopian economically for years to come. TPLF had fundamentally lost internal legitimacy, thereby its continued existence is predicated on foreign military support and financial aid. Finally, Ethiopia is on the verge of becoming a failed state joining her neighbor Somalia where TPLF is acting as mercenary for western interest increasing regional instabilities. in any scenarios, TPLF is no longer a viable option.

There is no doubt that TPLF will fall, it is a matter of time, the eventuality of this should not be taken lightly, as such we must begin to think what kind of Ethiopia we wish to live in. There is more evidence and consensus among people as well as political leaders that Ethiopia will emerge stronger post-TPLF, provided Ethiopianist see Oromo’s peaceful protest as an opportunity rather than a threat. Failing to join the peaceful uprising by the unionist would undoubtedly lead to a catastrophic, a strategic mistake that will both derail the possibility of forming unified country and exacerbate the fragile nature of Ethiopia.

Skeptics may question this possibility of unified Ethiopia post-TPLF given our history and different political ideologies. It is indeed true history has not been kind to us, in fact, it has hindered the development of progressive state and allowed an opportunistic organization to emerge and dictated the term of Ethiopia without taking into account the history of all our people. Ethiopia’s definition changes based on who is in power, what it means to be Ethiopian under Haile Selassie is totally different than under TPLF, as well as Ethiopia’s history interpretations changes based on who is power. What it means to be Ethiopian post-TPLF will change as well, however, unlike the past where a narrow definition of Ethiopia is imposed on others, post-TPLF, the totality of our people’s experience, history, and contribution will be recognized.

Ethiopianist fear what Ethiopia may become, even fear whether it will even exist post-TPLF, knowing each regime that has taken power has manipulated Ethiopian history by championing narrow Ethiopia narrative to appease their power base to extend their rule. This has not only created conflict among peace loving people even after the demise of each regime but also created fertile ground for a dictatorship to reign thereafter. That is why many Ethiopian movements even with best of intentions had failed to transform themselves into ruling democratically once in power. The current Oromo revolt is not only about removing TPLF from power, but to end the rule of dictatorship, which would be a turning point in Ethiopian history.

As such the current Oromo revolt must be seen as a transformative process, that will lay a fertile ground for democracy. The participation of Ethiopianist in the current revolt is not only required to remove TPLF but also is a necessary step in post-TPLF democratic processes. If the unionists join in the struggle without delay, unity has already begun on a victorious ground in which all people had contributed to removing TPLF from power, alleviating the fear of returning to dictatorship post-TPLF. As such, a new beginning would in ensue, in which the people themselves take credit for removing TPLF from power laying seeds for representative democracy. Hence, a unified action will change Ethiopia’s trajectory, from which armed group had always claimed victory, in turn, subjected our people. Removal of TPLF through popular uprising will not only end tyrannical rule over our people but will change our people’s psyche, perception, that will undoubtedly deter undemocratic rule for generations to come, at the same time deploying a well-equipped citizens that develops itself through its own means and decide its own fate. A unionist joining peaceful struggle would only lead to a win-win situation despite the uncertainty of post-TPLF.

Many Ethiopianist indecisiveness to join the Oromo uprising claiming ethnic connotation and is in direct opposition to Ethiopianism would yield undesired results. While the current Oromo uprising was initiated in Oromia, at its core, it is a question of citizenship that all Ethiopian people have been yearning for. If the unionists make a joint effort in removing TPLF, the question of citizenship will be an integral part of our future. The new Ethiopia should be based on a constitution, sets of bills of rights that guarantees our citizens peace and prosperity. Basing Ethiopian unity solely on history and common bond will have disastrous consequences not only for current struggle but for the future. As such, unionist must accept and be ready to participate in the formation of new Ethiopia that is based on higher ideas that will continue to evolve with the needs of our citizens.

Another reason the unionist are hesitant to join the struggle is the demographic power of Oromo people threatens Ethiopian unity if TPLF is suddenly removed without placing some kind of political safeguard to protect against Ethiopian disintegration. The political safeguard Ethiopianist seek would have to be a bold, courageous act in themselves that will convey to other nation and nationality that Ethiopia unity extends far beyond one language, one flag, one history, as such Oromos being a the majority will make separation a difficult case to make. As a majority, even if it’s politically feasible, practically a very difficult task to ascertain secession. Therefore, it would be easier for Oromo people to rearrange Ethiopia in the way that brings peace and prosperity to all groups in the country than seek secession. However, if TPLF remains in power, the possibility of civil war are evident as internal colonization are already taking place. The expropriation of Ethiopian people’s resource, the rearrangement of internal boundaries without consent and the of selling fertile land to foreign companies will exacerbate people’s patients, as a matter of survival secession would be become the only option.

The Oromo peaceful movement has cracked and exposed TPLF’s vulnerabilities. To deal a final blow to this military dictatorship, we all need to stand in defiance against the regime. Our failure to do so will embolden TPLF further jeopardizing our people very existence. Is the fear of post-TPLF worse than living under TPLF rule? A new Ethiopia, without TPLF, is a risk worth taking.

የገዢው መንግስት በባህር ዳር ከተማ ያደረጋቸው የምረጡኝ ስብሰባዎች ውጤት አልባ መሆናቸው ተነገረ


በባህር ዳር ከተማ በሁሉም ክፍለ ከተማዎችና ሙሉዓለም አዳራሽ የተደረገው ስብሰባ የተፈለገውን ግብ ሳይመታ መጠናቀቁን የስብሰባው ተሳታፊዎች ተናገሩ፡፡

ቅዳሜ መጋቢት 26/2007 ዓ.ም በተደረገው ስብሰባ የብአዴን አባላትን በጥሪ ወረቀት የከተማ ነዋሪዎችን ቤት ለቤት በመዞር በስብሰባው እንዲገኙ በመመዝገብና የተለመደውን ማስፈራሪያ በመጠቀም እስከ ቀኑ 6 ሰዓት በተደረገው ስብሰባ ተሳታፊዎች የተለያዩ

ጥያቄዎችንና አስተያየቶችን በመስጠት የገዢውን መንግስት ካድሬዎች ሲያሸማቅቁ መዋላቸውን ተሳታፊዎች ለዘጋቢያችን ገልጸዋል፡፡

ያለፈውን አምስት ዓመት “ የህዝቡ ችግር ምንድን ነው? ” በማለት ሰብስባችሁ ሳታነጋግሩን ዛሬ የምርጫ ወቅት ሲደርስ በመሰብሰብ መልካም ሰርተናል ለምን ትላላችሁ?

ከምርጫ ቀን በኋላ የምትገቡትን ቃል ሁሉ በመርሳት ከጥቃቅን አገልግሎቶች ጀምሮ ህዝቡን በመልካም አስተዳደር እጦት ማሰቃየት እንደ ልማድ አድርጋችሁ የምትሰሩበት አካሄድ ሆኖ እያለ፤ ዛሬ ለምርጫ ሲባል ራሳችሁን እንደ ቅዱስ አድርጋችሁ ለምን ታቀርባላችሁ?

የገዢው መንግስት ስራውን በአግባቡ አለመስራቱን በተለያየ የአፈጻጸም ስራዎች ታይቷል፡፡ ህዝቡ በኑሮ ውድነት እየተሰቃየ ባለበት ወቅት በዘይትና ስኳር ሰበብ ህዝቡን ከአንድ አመት በላይ ለሌላ ሰቆቃ ዳርጋችኋል፡፡ይህም አመራራችሁ ከዘመኑ ፍጥነት ጋር ለመጓዝ

እንዳልቻለ ያስረዳልና አመራሩን ከታች ጀምሮ በተማሩ ሰዎች እንዲያዝ ለምን አታደርጉም?

ከክፍለ ከተማው ዝቅተኛ ሰራተኛ ጀምሮ እስከ ከተማ አስተዳደሩ ከፍተኛ ባለሙያዎች ከጊዜ ወደ ጊዜ በሙስና እየተዘፈቁ የራሳቸውን ሃብት ሲያከማቹና በህዝቡ ላይ ልዩ ልዩ ተጽእኖ ሲያደርሱ ይህን በመከላከል ህብረተሰቡን ፍትሃዊ አገልግሎት እንዲያገኝ

ከማድረግ ይልቅ ዝምታን የመረጣችሁበት ጊዜ ነው፡፡ዛሬ ሙስና እንደ ህጋዊ አሰራር ተቆጥሮ ማንኛውም አሰራር ያለ እጅ መንሻ የማይፈጸምበት ጊዜ ላይ ቆማችሁ መልካም ሰራን ማለቱ ዋጋ ያሰጠዋል ወይ?

አገራችን አደገች ስትሉ በየጊዜው እንሰማለን፡፡የጥራታቸውን ጉዳይ ሳናነሳ በመንግስትና ህብረተሰቡ መዋጮ የተሰሩ የኮብልስቶን መንገዶች አሉ፡፡ሀገር አቋራጭ መንገዶችም ደረጃቸው አድጎ ተመልክተናል፡፡ በሌላ መልኩ ማንነታቸው የማይታወቁ ሰዎች ምንጩ

ባልታወቀ ሁኔታ ከመሬት ተነስተው ህንጻ ሲገነቡ እናያለን፡፡በእያንዳንዱ ቤተሰብ ኑሮ ላይ የሚታይ ለውጥ ሳይኖር አድገናል የሚለው መግለጫ ምን ማለት ነው?እድገት ሁሉን ያማከለ ነው ትላላችሁ ታዲያ እድገቱ የታለ? እኛ ሲያድጉ፣መኪና ሲቀያይሩ፣

ቤተሰባቸውን ሲያቀማጥሉና በየቦታው ህንጻ ሲገነቡ የምናያቸው በጣት የሚቆጠሩ ግለሰቦችን ብቻ ነው፡፡ሁሉን ያማከለ ዕድገት ሳይኖር አድገናል ማለቱ ህዝቡን ማታለል አይሆንባችሁም?

በከተማም ሆነ በገጠር ያለው መሬት በተወሰኑ ግለሰቦች፣ አመራሮችና ቤተሰቦቻቸው ከመያዙ ባሻገር ከዓመት ዓመት እየባሰ መሄዱ የመልካም አስተዳደርና የፍትህ እጦት ሆኗል፡፡ወጣቶች መሬት በማጣት ወደ ከተማ መፍለሳቸውና ወደ አረብ ሃገራት

መሰደዳቸው ችግር ሆኖ ቢቀጥልም የተሰጠ መፍትሄ የለም፡፡መሬት በጥቂት ሃብታሞችና ለመንግስት ታማኝ በሆኑ ግለሰቦች እጅ መሆኑ አብዛኛው የህብረተሰብ ክፍል በቤት ክራይ እንዲሰቃይ አድርጎት ይታያል፡፡ታዲያ ፍትሃዊነትን አስፍነናል ለማለት

የሚያስደፍር ስራ አላችሁ ወይ? የሚሉና የመሳሰሉ በገዢው መንግስት የሚታዩ የመልካም አስተዳደር ችግሮችን በድፍረት ሲናገሩ ተደምጠዋል፡፡

የገዢው መንግሰት ካድሬዎች በቅስቀሳው መልካም ውጤት እንገኛለን በማለት ከተለያየ መስሪያ ቤቶች የሰበሰቧቸው የመንግሰት ሰራተኞችን በሙሉዓለም አዳራሽ ፤ በክፍለ ከተሞች ለተሰበሰበው ህዝብ ለስላሳ፣ቆሎ፣ውሃናዳቦ በማቅረብ ቡና በማፍላት የ24

ዓመቱን የኢህአዴግ ጉዞ ያስገኘውን ለውጥ በማጋነን ቢያወሩም በታሰበው መልኩ የህብረተሰቡን አስተሳሰብ የሚቀይር ውጤት እንዳልተገኘ በስፍራው የታደሙ ተሳታፊዎች ተናግረዋል፡፡




በየመን የኢትዮጵያ ኤምባሲ ላይ የደረሰው ጥቃት እየተጣራ ነው

በየመን የኢትዮጵያ ኤምባሲ  ላይ የደረሰው ጥቃት እየተጣራ ነው

30 ኢትዮጵያውያን ከየመን ጅቡቲ ገብተዋል
በየመን የኢትዮጵያ ኤምባሲ ላይ የተፈፀመው ጥቃት  በማን እንደተፈፀመ እየተጣራ እንደሆነና  ከየመን ወደ አገራቸው ለመመለስ በኤምባሲው በኩል ከተመዘገቡ ኢትዮጵያውያን ውስጥ 30 ዜጎች  ጅቡቲ መድረሳቸውን የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር ቃል አቀባይ አቶ ተወልደ ሙሉጌታ ለአዲስ አድማስ ገለፁ፡፡ በየመን መዲና ሰንአ የሚገኘው  የኢትዮጵያ ኤምባሲ ላይ ጥቃት መፈፀሙን ተከትሎ ጥቃቱ በማን እንደተፈፀመ እየተጣራ እንደሆነ የገለፁት አቶ ተወልደ፤ በተፈፀመው ጥቃት በኤምባሲው ሰራተኞች ላይ ምንም የደረሰ  ጉዳት የለም ብለዋል፡፡ የኢትዮጵያ ኤምባሲ በየመን የሚገኙ ዜጎች ተመዝግበው ወደ አገራቸው እንዲመለሱ ባደረገው ጥሪ መሰረት፤ ከተመዘገቡት ውስጥ 12 ሴቶች፣ 11 ህፃናት እና 7 ወንዶች የተካተቱበት አንድ ቡድን ጅቡቲ መድረሱን ቃል አቀባዩ ጠቁመዋል፡፡
የመን ውስጥ በስደተኞች መጠለያ የሚገኙ ኢትዮጵያውያን በሳኡዲ የአየር ጥቃት ተደብድበው ህይወታቸው አልፏል በሚል የተሰራጩ ዘገባዎችን በተመለከተ አቶ ሙሉጌታ በሰጡት ምላሽ፤ “በኛ በኩል ባደረግነው ማጣራት በዚህ ሁኔታ የሞተ ሰው የለም” ብለዋል፡፡
በሌላ በኩል፤ የየመኑ የሁቲ አማፂ ቡድን ከኢራን የሚያገኘውን የወታደራዊ ቁሳቁስ ድጋፍ በቀይ ባህር በኩል በማሻገርና ለአማፂያኑ የወታደራዊ ስልጠና ቦታዎችን በአገሯ ላይ በማመቻቸት በተደጋጋሚ ስሟ የሚነሳው ኤርትራ፤ ሰሞኑን ተመሳሳይ ውንጀላ በሳኡዲ የመገናኛ ብዙሀን ተደርጎብኛል በሚል በሰጠችው ምላሽ፤ ውንጀላው መሰረተቢስ እንደሆነ ገልፆ የወሬው ምንጭም የአፍሪካ ቀንድ አገራት ናቸው ስትል አጣጥላለች፡፡
አብዛኛውን የየመን ክፍሎች በመቆጣጠር የአገሪቱን መሪ ከስልጣን ያስወገደው የሁቲ አማፂያን ቡድን፤ ከኢራን ከፍተኛ ድጋፍ እንደሚደረግለት የሚነገር ሲሆን የሚያገኘውንም ድጋፍ በማስተላለፍና ለወታደራዊ ስልጠና ቦታ በመስጠት ኤርትራ በተደጋጋሚ ስሟ እንደሚነሳ አገር እንደሆነች ይታወቃል፡፡ የመካከለኛው ምስራቅ የሚዲያ የምርምር ተቋም ከጥቂት አመታት በፊት “ኢራን በቀይ ባህር የእንቅስቃሴ አድማሷን እያሰፋች ነው” በሚል ርዕስ  ባወጣው መረጃ፤  ኢራን ለሁቲዎች የምታደርገው የወታደራዊ ቁሳቁሶች ድጋፍ በኤርትራ በኩል እንደሚያልፍ ጠቁሞ ኢራን ሁቲዎችን የምታሰለጥንበት ካምፕ ኤርትራ ውስጥ ከየጊንዳዕ ከተማ በስተምስራቅ ደንጎሎ የሚባል ቦታ እንደሚገኝ አስታውቆ ነበር፡፡ ሰሞኑን የሳኡዲ የመገናኛ ብዙሀን፤ ሁቲዎች ከኢራን ለሚያገኙት ድጋፍ ኤርትራ ትብብር ታደርጋለች ሲሉ ዘግበዋል፡፡
“ዘገባው ከሙያዊ ስነምግባር ያፈነገጠ ነው” በማለት ባለአስር ነጥብ መግለጫ ያወጣው የኤርትራ መንግስት፤ ዜናውን መሰረተ ቢስ ሲል ያጣጣለ ሲሆን የመረጃው ምንጮችም የአፍሪካ ቀንድ አገራት እንደሆኑ ገልጿል፡፡ “ሻባይት” የተባለው የኤርትራ መንግስት ድረገፅ በበኩሉ፤ የዚህ መረጃ ምንጮች አንዳንድ የስለላ ተቋማትና የኢትዮጵያው ህወሓት ነው ብሏል፡፡
የኤርትራ መንግስት ባወጣው ባለአስር ነጥብ አቋም ውስጥ፤ የየመን ጉዳይ የራሷ የውስጥ ጉዳይ ስለሆነ የትኛውንም የውጭ ሀይል በመደገፍ ኤርትራ እንደማትሰለፍ አስታውቋል፡፡
የሳኡዲ መንግሥት በበኩሉ፤ የሁቲ አማፅያን እንቅስቃሴ ለአገሬ ስጋት ናቸው በሚል  በየመን ወታደራዊ ድብደባ እየፈፀመ እንደምገኝ የሚታወቅ ሲሆን የኢትዮጵያ መንግስትም የሳኡዲን አቋም እንደሚደግፍ አስታውቋል፡፡

Radio Afuura Biyyaa: Interview with Ob. Leenco Lata of ODF (March 28, 2015)


Oromo Activists in Norway Demonstrate Against the TPLF Ethiopian Regime’s Human Rights Violations Against Oromos (Bergen, March 21, 2015)

Govt Tells ODF’s Delegation Led by Ob. Leenco Lata to Leave Ethiopia | Delegation Back to Europe


Several media outlets have reported that the delegation of the Oromo Democratic Front (ODF), led by its president Ob. Leenco Lata, had been ordered by the Ethiopian government to leave the country, hours after its arrival in Finfinne (Addis Ababa). The ODF delegation was reported to have landed in Finfinne on March 18, 2015, with the hope of launching a “peaceful political struggle under the current Constitution” in Ethiopia. As of March 21, 2015, upon the order of the Ethiopian government, the ODF delegation, including its leader, has been reported to have left Finfinne for Europe.